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Write brilliant emails

A great email starts with a great subject line. Most emails are never opened but yours can be if you get the subject line right.

Using our deep machine learning we can tell you how good your subject line is and how likely it is to get your email opened.

Then we preview your email on 49 different devices and mail platforms to make sure it looks great for everyone.

Watch your sales rocket as we help you write the best possible email.

Learn who to target next

The standard segmentation model works well but can be a bit crude. Good customers could be at risk of leaving for a competitor and require an offer to keep them loyal.

Using a mix of order patterns, open rates, promotional engagement our machine learning segmentation offers a smarter model.

We call this Smart Segments which is much simpler for you to work with and allows you to target the right customers with the right message at the right time.

Track results and predict outcomes

How much can be spent to acquire a customer and what advertising is working?

The answer to both of these problems is to understand historic and forecast Lifetime Value and to focus on that as the key metric. Machine Labs use a range of algorithms and machine learning to give you forecasts on how well your campaigns are performing.

This allows you to work out what your budget should be and what adverts are working so that your budget is spent effectively.

What people are saying

  • 5
    Thanks to you guys we were able to show our investors just how valuable and loyal the Flavourly customers are. I loved the cohort analysis and we now understand our lifetime values.
    Assean Sheikh
  • 5
    We plan and run all of our marketing with Machine Labs. It lets me see exactly what's going on across online and offline marketing and has helped us get from zero to $4m of sales in our first year.
    Gordon Macaulay
    Parsley Box