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Sell more, increase lifetime values and reduce discounting. Our easy-to-use platform uses AI to guide you every step of the way. Marketing automation really can be automatic.

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How to Improve Your Marketing Performance

Understand Your Customers

We add up to 950 demographic variables for each of your customers including age, sex, income, household composition, technology level, rural or urban, interests, pets and political affiliation (USA only) so you can personalize your message.

Avoid The Spam Folder

We have partnered with Postmark to get you the best deliverability in the industry. With Machine Labs you'll get around 10% more of your emails into the inbox, rather than disappearing into the junk folder, making your brand more visible.

Send At The Right Time

An extra 1% of your emails being opened, on every send, adds up to a big gain. Our AI analyzes each customer’s habits so their email is sent at the best time, on the best day for them. We don't treat the whole list the same as other software does.

AI Product Recommendations

Upgrade to Machine Labs and get better product recommendations than other email platforms. We use the same deep machine learning as that analyzes key variables to help you get higher click rates and more conversions.

Stop Customers Leaving

We can detect when a potential customer is about to leave your website and automatically show them a popup offering an incentive to purchase, or ask for their email. Popups help grow your list up to 10x faster than a conventional newsletter signup link.

Sell to Unsubscribes

You can’t email your unsubscribes but you can create a Facebook custom audience to reach them through targeted advertising - make sure your privacy policy allows it. If 30% of your list has unsubscribed, that’s 30% of sales you’re potentially missing out on.

Perfect Your Product Range

Discover your gateway and terminal products (leading to best and worst lifetime values), see how your most reordered and most refunded products compare and learn what products have the highest conversion rate from your email marketing.

Sell Excess Stock

End of season, size fragmentation or short use by dates can mean particular products need to be sold quickly. Our AI will find the right customers for your excess stock so you don’t waste time or money.

Works With Your Apps

We have over 4,000 integrations available so Machine Labs can join your team and work with your other apps. You could get contact details from Typeform; make sure customers with an open support ticket don’t get marketing emails; or work with Google Spreadsheets.

What Do Your Customers Think?

Our ready-to-use automated Feedback report allows you to understand how your shipping, customer service, product range and quality compares to your competitors so you know where you’re doing great and what areas need to be addressed. An automatically generated word cloud highlights common feedback.

Email Builder

Get your emails into the inbox

There’s no point sending a beautiful email with a great offer if it ends up in the Spam folder. Machine Labs will get more of your emails into the inbox and opened.

We have partnered with Postmark to send your emails. We carefully tested the competition and found that Postmark were the best for getting mail delivered to the inbox with up to 11% more email avoiding the spam filters.

All of your customers have different schedules so they should be emailed at different times. Our AI analyzes each customer and chooses the best time for each person to maximize your open rate — rather than sending to the whole list at the same time.

A great subject line helps get your email opened. Our AI will give you suggested subject lines and the split test features helps you to find the best performing lines.

Segment builder

Segment and personalize to sell more

Rather than leaving you to create your own segments we provide you with 52 standard segments setup and ready to go.

Segments are available for location, engagement, customers who respond to offers and regular refunders who you might want to avoid. Clothing and fashion brands can add custom segments for size.

We offer AWS Personalize for product recommendations. This is the same AI deep learning model that is used on There’s also a stock clearance segment which will allow you to find the ideal customers to buy a particular product.

Workflow builder

Recruitment, retention and reactivation

Let us guide you thru the workflows for recruiting, retaining and reactivating lapsed customers. We’ll show you exactly what you should be doing.

Workflows are available for converting leads into customers, saving cart abandonments and welcoming new customers.

There’s also support for rewarding your VIP customers to make them feel valued.

The trigger for buying your product can often be something that happens at the same time every year, so our order anniversary automation can help you get the sale every time.


We are on the Shopify App store allowing you to install with one click. For all other e-commerce platforms you can integrate with our full-featured API.



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What our customers say

  • 5
    Excellent app. So happy to have found this! I used to spend four times as much on an email system, this one does the best. Fastest customer service located in Scotland, best time to reach is in the am. I love the GIF option, it makes my emails so cute. I add my rows, add my options, can make segments and templates and save them. It's an easy read admin and easy to find my sales report and customers coming in under my amazing pop up! I am so in love with this app.
    Debra Jambor
    Debra's Passion Boutique
  • 5
    Great app Easy to use And suitable for anyone who wants to send emails to customers And very convenient in price
    Christin Lalki
    One piece jewelry
  • 5
    I am using this app to begin email marketing campaigns with my client list. I researched other email marketing systems (MailChimp, Get Response, Sales Handy) and other apps that connect with Shopify. Machine Labs is by far the easiest set-up with my store as well as the most user-friendly to build campaigns. Their reports are extremely detailed as well.
    Melanie Greskovich
    MMG Gifts
  • 5
    One of my favorite apps here on the Shopify store! The overall UI design and options for setting up automations is far more advanced and intuitive than other email apps I've tried. I actually enjoy using it a lot. Their support team is amazing. I've had to reach out to them a few times and they're always been super responsive and able to resolve my problems quickly! Highly recommend if you're looking for a well-designed app for managing emails.
    Haley Brown
    Mermaid Scrub Shop
  • 5
    We just started and so far we love it. Great job Machine Labs. The app is very easy to install. Thank you! ...
    Guerby Joseph
    Joseph's Tea
  • 5
    I use this app for all my e-mails & have found the team SO helpful. I moved over from Mailchimp & loving the integration with Shopify. Really great to add the products straight to my e-mails when designing & track the activity with my store. The automation feature & scheduling are also great features.
    Camilla Gobourn
    Cantik by Camilla
  • Gloh
    Machine Labs has completely transformed my email marketing! The app is so intuitive and the step-by-step prompts are incredibly simple — I had my first email campaign out within half an hour. It's so easy to move content boxes around, add in images and videos, and make sure the branding is all in line with your store. I can't go back to any other campaign manager now!
    Isobel Reid
  • 5
    The app is really intuitive. It's a very easy platform to navigate and it's so easy to get your campaign started in no time. The interface is very neat and the support team is also very attentive and reliable. I highly recommended Machine Labs!
    Yasser Ibrahim
  • Isle of Raasay Distillery
    Machine Labs has allowed us to understand which online and offline marketing campaigns are converting the best, all in one straightforward dashboard, and it’s been hugely valuable for us.
    Bill Dobbie
    Raasay Distillery