The best time of day for sending marketing emails

There is general agreement that the time a marketing email is sent is very important and can significantly increase opens, clicks thrus and sales. I did a Google search and there’s no shortage of articles claiming a particular time. Many email marketing products have a feature that works out the best average time for a list and sends to everyone at that time.

I’ve always thought that this is wrong and now that I’m running an email marketing company that employs a data scientist, I know it’s wrong.

Everybody is different. Everybody has different schedules. People work different hours, people have different responsibilities, people have different body clocks. It is completely wrong to try to choose a specific time that will work for everyone.

Mornings tend to be a good time for email but looking at the picture (above) it doesn’t look like someone who’s received a marketing email at the best moment.

Time is also related to product. I might well be in the mood to order some fancy alcoholic drinks towards the end of the day. I’d be unlikely to be attracted to the idea of a whisky at 7 in the morning.

Finally, the optimum time also relates to timezone.

Our Send Time Optimization works by building up a picture of each individual customer. What times do they buy? When do they click on emails? When do they open emails? When did they sign up for a list? Looking at these sorts of questions allows us to work out the best hour to contact which is then shown on the Contact page.

So the correct answer to the opening question is that everybody is different and to get the best performance from your email campaign, you should email each individual at the best time for them.

If you are a customer read more about Send Time Optimization in the help center.

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