Features Update ✨ Introducing Our AI Powered Inspiration Tool 🤖

We’ve had this hugely exciting feature announcement up our sleeves for a while now… it’s time to release the robot, just in time for BFCM! 🤖

🥁Introducing our AI powered Inspiration Tool🥁

Being creative day in day out can be challenging even for the most experienced marketers and copywriters. But with our new GPT-3 powered Inspiration Tool, gone are the days of writer’s block! 

We’re about to supercharge your Shopify marketing communications with AI generated copy at the click of a button. 

Use our Inspiration Tool to:

  1. Generate eye-catching subject lines that get your email opened.
  2. Generate engaging preview text that entices your audience.
  3. Generate powerful email copy that converts contacts to buyers.

Our cutting edge AI is designed to reduce your workload, save you time and generate word by word original copy that sells more.

To start using the Inspiration Tool just sign in to your Machine Labs account and create an email campaign. Stuck for knowing what to write? You’ll see our Inspiration Tool at every important step of the journey: above the subject line box, above the preview text box and within the email editor.

Here’s an example of what our Inspiration Tool can do 💧👇

Need a little help on how to use the Inspiration Tool? Check out our help article here.

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