Making Email Marketing Relatable

Jargon, stats, and sales and marketing rhetoric aside; let’s talk plainly.

When we go into a physical retail store, a large part of the communication between the company and consumer is conducted through the middle-man, the sales associate. Their presence is ultimately there to sell the goods available, in a way that is enticing to the customer- whether it’s being knowledgeable about products, promoting current offers, or simply making it known that they’re there if you need a hand with anything.  

So what is the ecommerce equivalent? 

A good-looking website? That’s merely the store itself- the products on the shelves, the visual merchandising. 

What about the role of a physical sales associate? Who becomes the spokesperson or promoter for the company and its products?

You can replicate this with email marketing campaigns. Let’s compare: 

a sales associate welcoming you as you enter the door → a welcome email
a sales associate showing you new collections→ a ‘New Arrivals’ email showcasing products for the new season or new line
a sales associate reminding you of the current offers available→ a promotional email including a discount code or alert of an upcoming sales
a sales associate taking your chosen items to put behind the till to free up your hands for more shopping→ an abandoned cart email

Of course, the experience isn’t completely the same, but you get where we’re going with this. Use email campaigns as your business’s representative. Use them to promote your product, use them to entice customers to buy, use them to keep customers updated of new lines or promotional offers. 

Be frequent enough with keeping in touch so your customers know that you’re there (liken this to a sales associate who has said ‘hello’ and made their presence known, but is giving you time and space to browse), but don’t be too overzealous (liken this to an overbearing sales associate who is over-attentive)- this is when people start getting fed up of your emails and you end up being demoted to the spam folder. 

Used wisely, your email campaigns will be your best sales associates. 

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