Experian’s Mosaic is the leading consumer classification system. It helps you understand your customers including:

  • Age
  • Income and wealth
  • Household composition
  • Rural or urban
  • Household technology level
  • Media
  • Buying habits
  • Interests
  • Pets
  • Republican or Democrat (USA only)

Mosaic is based on the customer’s home address. This means it does not require third party cookies so it is a great way to continue to get demographic information if you were relying on cookie-based systems which are now being blocked.

Find More Great Customers

Once you know which Mosaic Groups and Types are your best customers, it is easy to find more of them. You can just ready descriptions and that will explain who your best customers are and give you ideas on how to find more.

Most media buyers will be able to use Mosaic Groups. Sky AdSmart even allows you to show TV adverts to particular groups.

Improve Product Recommendation

If you have a Mosaic subscription the groups and types will be added into the recommendation engine, along with purchase patterns. This is processed using deep learning (a type of AI) and will give much better recommendations with the extra Mosaic demographic information.

As well as being used to recommend products, it can be used in reverse to sell a particular product, perhaps to clear an overstock.

Forecast Lifetime Value

Mosaic Groups and Types are an excellent predictor of Lifetime Value. It is also immediately available as soon as you have the customer’s address; rather than having to wait for a purchasing pattern to become clear.

This can be used to give an immediate view on whether marketing is attracting the right type of customers who will be valuable over the longer term.

Groups and Types

Mosaic divides consumers into groups (15 in the UK, 19 in the USA) and then these groups are divided into types to give a more granular segmentation (66 in the UK, 71 in the USA).

You can browse the detailed groups and types:

Mosaic Groups and Types for the UK

Mosaic Groups and Types for the USA