My Favorite Subject Line: September

Just like that, it’s time for another one of my favourite subject lines from the month. 

Admittedly, if you’re not a fan of the TV show Friends, then you likely won’t find this as amusing as I do…

This is BRAND NEW Information” – NASTYGAL

Let me give you some context. The quote comes from one of the characters pretending they heard some news for the first time- it’s a completely over-dramatized response to reacting to (seemingly) new news. Referencing quotes can be hit or miss- sometimes people will get it and sometimes they won’t. This one works for the following reasons regardless if you know all of Phoebe Buffay’s best lines or not:

  1. If you get the quote, it’s both humorous and it still puts across the message that the brand is announcing new products. There’s always a kind of mutual camaraderie when people bond over recognised quotes in face-to-face situations, and I think it works here too. 
  1. If you don’t get the quote or didn’t even realise that it was a quote, there is still indication of newness happening. I mean… they’ve gone to the effort of capitalising ‘brand new’– that kind of gives it away.
  1. Nasty Gal also do their preview texts pretty well. The preview text is the line that appears under the subject line if you’re on mobile, or next to the subject line if you’re on desktop. It’s as it sounds, a little preview into what the body of your email is going to include- a one-line blurb for your email campaign, if you will. 

Nasty Gal’s preview text that follows this subject line is: Never before seen pieces, right here. Again, for whatever reason, if you didn’t know what they were talking about in their subject line, the accompanying preview text clarifies it for you. 

If you’re using a slightly more obscure subject line, be sure to make use of the preview text. It gives the leeway to be a bit more obscure with your subject line but you won’t totally confuse readers because the preview text gives a follow-up indication of what to expect. 

Do you read into subject lines too? Understanding what works as a subject line is very important. Believe it or not, I’ve noticed some brands recycle the same subject lines month after month. Do they really work that well? I’m never blown away by these repeated subject lines or find them particularly imaginative. Subject line fatigue is a thing; make sure you mix it up regularly to stand out from the crowd!

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