To save you time, we’ve checked out the competition for you. Below we’ve compared the price of our Pioneer Plan with other native Shopify email marketing apps:

ContactsEmailRevenueKlaviyoJiltConstant ContactCampaign MonitorSegunoOmnisend
Up to 500Free$20$29$20$11.50$10$16
Up to 1,000Free$30$29$45$37$10$20
Up to 2,500$35$60$49$65$37$30$36
Up to 5,000$50$100$79$65$63$50$60
Up to 7,500$65$150$99$95$101$80$96
Up to 10,000$75$150$129$95$101$100$102
Up to 15,000$130$350$179$195$152$150$180
Up to 20,000$160$375$229$225$229$200$228
Up to 25,000$190$400$279$225$229$250$240
Up to 30,000$220$500$329$295$357$300$258
Up to 40,000$250$600$429$335$357$400$294
Up to 50,000$260$700$529$335$357$500$330

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