Built for marketers

Marketing is tough. You’re competing against the global giants with their multi-million marketing spend when you can get just as good results on a smaller budget with smarter, targeted marketing. 

We’re here to help you contact the right customers, at the right time, with the right offer, at the right price.

In marketing, developing quality customer relationships is crucial. That means sending relevant messages to the right people and understanding what makes your customers tick. Meanwhile, you’ve got to measure success: how each marketing channel performs and where you can afford to spend more in order to drive sales, increase customer lifetime value, reduce churn and hit those sales targets, all within your marketing budget. That might sound overwhelming but not with us marketing experts, on your side.

If you want to create campaigns that convert, save time and turn your marketing plan into an automated sales engine then you’ve come to the right place.

Big Company Machine Learning At Small Company Price

We’re here to help you transform a spontaneous idea into an entrepreneurial success story, no matter the size of your marketing budget. Find an affordable plan that grows as you do and start leveraging the powerful data science tools that will take your email marketing strategy from zero to hero in no time.

Five Star Support

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting weeks to get the answers you’re looking for, or worse getting bounced between support teams without any resolution. With EmailRevenue, you can count on first class support at every stage of your business journey – go on, ask us anything, no query is too small.

Clever Email

Personalized email marketing doesn’t have to drain your time. We take care of the admin, giving you pre-built customer segments and automations, an integrated drag n drop product catalogue and tonnes of customizable templates so that you can hit the ground running instantly. You’ll have all the tools you need to create beautiful email campaigns and a whole bunch of extra ones that you didn’t even know you needed.

Device Compatibility

Our goal is to make your brand shine, in every inbox. That’s why our built-in emoji keyboard only features smilies compatible with all email platforms. Before sending, preview your emails on all major mobile and desktop devices to ensure each masterpiece arrives looking the way you intended it to.

Improved Email Deliverability & Inbox Placement

We use a sophisticated cloud-based email sending service that’s built to deliver quality and quantity; and then for good measure we’ve put in place feedback loops with all major email providers and installed anti-spam technologies including DKIM and SPF. When over 55% of all global emails end up in the spam folder, it’s important to choose email marketing software that ensures high deliverability rates. Trust us, you’ll never look back. 

“Our first EmailRevenue email generated $11,000 and it’s grown exponentially from there. That’s a better result than we’ve had with any other email software. Email deliverability is vital for any small business and we noticed a huge difference when we switched to EmailRevenue.”

— Anna Aitken, Fine Coffee Club

Data Science, Without Juggling Numbers

With our team of data scientists, it’s like having an email marketing geek on your team. Our built-in algorithms work hard behind the scenes to optimize your subject lines, segment your database in terms of the recency, frequency and monetary values of your customers’ orders and develop real-time performance reports so that you can track results and analyze outcomes, with ease.

Everything You Need Under One Roof

There are a lot of marketing tools out there, but who’s got the budget to splurge or the time to navigate between each? Our platform puts all your email marketing tools and all your offline marketing channels, alongside detailed reporting and data-driven analytics, inside one intuitive user-friendly dashboard. You don’t even need a new internet tab to source your imagery; we have a built-in library of 500,000+ royalty free images with image filtering, editing and resizing too.

Machines Not Monkeys

Put simply, we don’t ape around. Our seamless 1 click-integration with Shopify gets your account up and running in moments, pulling in more data than any third party integration app. We’re not just built for sending emails, we’re designed to rocket your sales and turn your e-commerce business into a roaring success.

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